Eivind Buene - SCHUBERT LOUNGE @ Oslo, Norway


Sunday, January 30, 2022

"... some things that interest me most as a composer: The friction between different aesthetics, different musics, and between different systems of thought." - Eivind Buene

Ort: University’s Aula, Oslo und Hvitstein (tbc)


Mit: Oslo Sinfonietta, Christian Eggen (Dirigent, Klavier), Tora Augestad (Mezzosopran), Halvor Festervoll, Melien (Baritone), Eivind Buene (Stimme, Klavier)


This newest project in a series of collaborations between Oslo-based composer/author Eivind Buene (*1973) and Norway’s principal ensemble for contemporary music is a contemporary reflection on Franz Schubert’s (1797-1828) Lieder-œuvre from three different musical angles. Buene’s newest work is based on his own previous approach to the Schubertiades from a singer-songwriter-perspective – the Schubert Lounge series – and his idea that classical music can be altered in the same way as literary material can be changed by directors and dramaturgs in classical drama, by adding or removing, thereby turning the material into something different. By presenting Schubert in new ways, with Buene’s own voice and a simplified accompaniment, he achieved a surprising twist on how these Lieder can sound – actually in accordance with Schubert’s own methods – while at the same time recreating the house concert’s social form. Oslo Sinfoniettas version of the Schubert Lounge takes this idea yet a step further: Buene has selected a number of songs from Schubert’s œuvre as a starting point for a new autonomous ensemble piece that will complement and contrast both the original versions of these songs for voice and piano, as well as Buene’s English singer-songwriter-like versions.

Foto: Kjell Tore Innervik