Adam & Eve - A Divine Comedy (A new opera by Bibbi Moslet & Cecilie Ore)


Thursday, May 28, 2015
Friday, May 29, 2015
A new burlesque chamber opera about fundamentalist religion and misogyny. '… violence against women is one of the greatest human rights scandals of our time …'. This statement by Amnesty International is the backdrop to Adam & Eve – a Divine Comedy, which is premiered at the Bergen International Festival. The performance focuses on how the three major patriarchal religions of the world prevent sex equality and ultimately result in violence. In the performance, excerpts from the Bible, the Koran and texts of Judaism are juxtaposed with the Declaration of Human Rights, Dante's Divine Comedy and stories of everyday life. Burlesque humour, self-irony and surrealism are also given a central place in what is a serious matter. What forms our cultural understanding? Where is the pain threshold between entertainment and seriousness? The Norwegian composer Cecilie Ore has won both national and international prizes for her work. She has been performed and commissioned by major orchestras, ensembles and choirs, including the BBC Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Modern, the BBC Singers, and the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet. In her new work Adam & Eve seven singers are accompanied by a percussion trio and music, voices and sound over loudspeakers. There are quick character changes and surprising and fascinating tableaux. '… in pain you shall bring forth children. Your desire shall be to your husband, and he shall rule over you.' – Genesis 3:16 Cecilie Ore composition, libretto Bibbi Moslet libretto, dramaturgy Susanne Øglænd director Carle Lange set design Signe Becker costume design Sverre Randin lighting design Cato Langnes, Mats Claesson sound design Cathrine Winnes conductor Tora Augestad, Eir Inderhaug, Ingebjørg Kosmo, Marianne E Andersen, Håkon Kornstad, Frank Havrøy, Olle Holmgren singers Bjørn Skansen, Marius Søbye, Teodor Berg: SISU Slagverkensemble Anders T Andersen voice Performed in English. World premiere The discussion 'Misogyny in the name of God' in Norwegian takes place in Logen Theatre on Saturday 30 May at 15:00.